Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008
We dined at Louie's Pub and Grille tonight with our friends Doug and Mary Jane, and North Carolina friends Ron and Priscilla. We came back to our place for Rita's wonderful cherry cobbler and lots of conversation.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our family reunion was held today at the home of Randy and Lesa near St. Joseph, Illinois. We had a great time visiting with our extended family and checking out Randy and Lesa's beatiful new property. They have over sixty acres of trees, lakes, and farm acreage adjoining a river. Next year, we'll return to Elwood Indiana for our reunion.
Pictured are second generation descendants of our Great-grandparents Andrew and Jane that came to America from Ireland in 1872/1873.
They are Leah, Jo Ann, Shirley, Larry and me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
We met tonight with our missionaries to Russia. They shared stories about the mission there and what it was like living in Moscow- a city of about 20 million people. They asked for prayer regarding the upcoming year, which could be their last in Russia. Their son will be a Senior at the Christian Academy in Moscow. Their daughter married this year and she and her husband are attending a Christian University in Huntington, Indiana.

From our church web-site:
Brian and Christie are serving in Moscow, Russia. Brian is the administrator for OMS in Russia. He handles legal, financial, and logistical issues for the missionaries and Blagovest Church Association. Brian also serves the local church in leading worship. Christie is the Learning Support Center Coordinator at Hinkson Christian Academy in Moscow, helping students with learning difficulties. The Kesslers have two children, Amber (20) who is a sophomore at Huntington University, in Hunington, Indiana. Son Dustin (15) is a high school junior in Moscow.

July 7, 2008

We met with our church life group this evening, with special guests, Woody and Nancy. We're studying the book of Ephesians. We also took the opportunity to celebrate the 40th Wedding anniversary of our friends Denny & Charlene.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sunday June 29, 2008

Another evening of food, music and fireworks. However this evening had a more patriotic theme. It was held on the grounds of a local church. Our local firefighters, police officers, and military (veterans and active duty) were recognized. Each one was awarded a medal and much applause from the crowd. It was great seeing some of our best friends recognized. Really glad we decided to attend.

Saturday June 28, 2008

We spent the evening at the Greenwood Festival. Lots of food and great fireworks. Our church presented a program of entertainment for the kids. Fortunately we parked in a good spot, and arrived home within 35 minutes of leaving the park.

Start of a busy week.

Friday June 27, 2008
It's been a busy week. This evening we attended a cookout with some great local friends. But it was a quick exit to get home to our basement when the sky looked like it was going to breakout into tornadoes. We only had to spend an hour in the basement - only heavy rain!